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A Burundian Super App

Bujapay Mobile Wallet, is a Burundian on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Bujumbura. BujaPay was first established in Burundi in 2018 , as a Payment gateway to serve business that are establishing their online businesses.

all in one App- Super App by BujaPay

BujaPay Mobile app

Ease your life with Bujapay Supper or Mobile App filled with many features and Services to help with you busy life from paying merhants, friends and Family, to booking bus, Buying Events ticket, Shopping online while your are busy with schudale let us ease your life

  • Payments

    Send and Receive Money with anyone

  • Onecard

    Top up, withdrawm check balance and transctions of your One Card

  • Qr Code Payments

    Pay Merchants, pay your Friends by scanning their Qr code

  • BujaMall

    Do your online shopping on Bujapay